Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Improved sales performance thanks to knowing your customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes all key customer data transparent to every member of your sales organisation. As a result, you can effectively work with your colleagues and take well-considered decisions to facilitate prioritising. Thus, Dynamics 365 enables you to sell more, because better insight into your data helps you make the right choices.

Pixelzebra believes that Microsoft Dynamics 365 should work for you and should take administrative work off your desk. You can work from anywhere – it does not matter whether you are on the road or work from your office. We feel that Microsoft Dynamics 365 will only be successful if it forms an integral part of your working day and you will not need to switch between programmes and devices.

Bringing in more business

The step-by-step sales process helps you with both qualifications and, for example, a signed contract. That way, you prevent things from being overlooked, since Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides one central space for all appointments and contact moments. Thanks to direct integration with LinkedIn, you will be apprised of updates and information about your associates, all in one place.

Smarter sales performance

Sales Force Automation enables smarter sales performance by your staff. This is facilitated by AI (Artificial Intelligence), which – on the basis of communications and actions – gives advice on new actions to be taken or on matters you might otherwise overlook. Whenever a customer sends an e-mail to apply for a quote, AI will make recommendations on any potential actions. During all the steps in the sales process, the system will advise on setting priorities and on actions to be undertaken. This will make anyone in your organisation a smart sales person.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Force Automation

Adoption and use

Pixelzebra will advise you on how to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your day-to-day operations. The implementation of CRM only takes place once you actually  start working with it. Thanks to our “adopt and win” programme, we can guarantee that all users will see the advantages and added value of Dynamics 365 from the word go. Due to small-scale personalisation and adjustments, Dynamics 365 can be made more and more relevant, enabling you to boost your sales performance and reducing the time you need to spend on administration. In this process, we apply a targeted no-frills approach.

Working more productively

No matter what type of sales organisation you are, Pixelzebra will help you use the various smart functions to render sales even more effective. We facilitate sharing your activities and duties though diaries. This will immediately give you insight into any activities that may inadvertently have been overlooked. Moreover, you will be able to enter data more quickly and efficiently through integration with the Chamber of Commerce and implement smart checks and status updates automatically on the basis of activities. Lastly, contact frequency and customer status, which do not require administration, will be determined automatically.