Technische dienstverlening door middel van standaard, cloud-based software en applicaties

Technical services

Technical services

The right service

You don’t need to be a large company with a sizeable customer service department to offer seriously good service. Even as a medium-sized or smaller production, service or maintenance company you can distinguish yourself by means of outstanding service. How? Through the use of smart computerisation.

Step by step

Pixelzebra Solutions is based on Microsoft software and Microsoft applications. On the Microsoft platform, we can connect and integrate all partial solutions with no trouble at all. This ensures that you don’t need to migrate your various databases all at once but can improve your processes one step at the time.

At Pixelzebra Solutions, we only work with standard cloud-based software and applications. In our view, tailored applications are unnecessary, while making your computerisation inflexible and needlessly expensive to maintain. Instead, we provide solutions that can easily be connected and integrated, fully configured according to your specifications. This way, every project remains transparent and feasible. Moreover, your ICT systems continues to be manageable in the long term.


  • The right person in the right place with the right tools
  • Your customers plan their own appointments
  • Travel time is reduced to a minimum

Procurement and supply management

  • Staff members on the road with the right tools
  • Less time wasted waiting for parts
  • Your procurement system is integrated with your suppliers’ systems

Invoicing and contract management

  • Service slip signed? Your customer will receive the invoice that same day
  • Clear insight into financial arrangements with customers, contracts and service conditions
  • Contract data are connected to invoicing and maintenance planning

Service and maintenance to your installed base

  • Proactive customer care
  • Continuous insight into your customers’ systems
  • More efficient maintenance planning