Microsoft Dynamics 365 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a popular concept that plays a key role in more and more businesses. But what exactly is digital marketing, and how can Dynamics 365 support your business in that respect?

It has become nearly impossible to imagine a world without the internet. Nowadays, everything happens online, including marketing. Digital marketing aims at building long-lasting relationships with customers and leads through online channels and interactive media. This is a proven way to realise customer knowledge and customer value.

Dynamics 365 supplies you with a platform that forms the basis for your digital marketing strategy. By using Dynamics 365 for Marketing or Dynamics 365 for Sales in combination with one of the various third-party solutions , you can realise an integrated customer profile. This has a number of advantages. For instance, your sales people can see which leads are really interested, so that your marketeers can mail a retention campaign to the right persons.

Customer Journey

A key part of digital marketing is the customer journey. This comprises the complete customer experience with a product or brand, ranging from orientation to purchase and after-sales. What choices does a customer make, and what influences him or her? We will help you chart your customer’s journey by means of Microsoft Dynamics 365. By means of various tools and links, we will ensure that the route becomes clear and that you can map follow-up actions along it.

Lead Generation and Scoring

Acquiring the right leads and approaching them at the right time are essential to keeping the sales portfolio filled. You can achieve this by scoring leads through monitoring lead behaviours on your website or in your marketing campaigns.


Every situation and each company is characterised by a unique process, and thus, has its own customer journey. In order to get a clear picture of this customer journey, we combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 with various external tools. Each tool has its own characteristics enabling it to fit in with your process. Whatever your progress with regard to digital marketing, Pixelzebra has the right tool for you.

Logo Mailchimp Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a powerful medium for e-mailing campaigns. This programme helps you send personalised content. Mailchimp makes it possible to create templates, for instance for newsletters and other content. After sending this content, Mailchimp keeps track of, among others, the number of e-mails being opened, what gets clicked on and who subscribes or unsubscribes for the newsletters.

By coupling Mailchimp to Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can help you store these statistics and customer data in one single location. Moreover, you carry out all those e-mailing campaigns from the Dynamics 365 platform. Thus, you can keep track of a valuable part of the customer journey in an orderly fashion.

 Logo Mailplus Mailplus

Mailplus is a powerful e-mailing tool with equally powerful reporting options. Mailplus enables you to draw up and send newsletters with a minimum of fuss. Coupling Dynamics 365 to Mailplus makes it possible for you to classify your target groups even better. As a result, you can finetune targeting your campaigns, carry out mailings and take surveys. Pixelzebra has ample experience with integrating Mailplus and Microsoft Dynamics 365 in practically every field, so that we can help you even better. Moreover, Pixelzebra has developed its own connector, which can be used to couple Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Mailplus on the basis of your specific needs.

Logo ClickDimensionsClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is a tool that can do more than just send mailings. With ClickDimensions, you can specify on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which landing pages your customers will visit. Subsequently, you can decide this across your website and send questionnaires and completely automatic campaigns. Those automatic campaigns will react differently according to the customers’ activities. We will help you organise your CRM environment, so that you can make optimal use of the ClickDimensions functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Social engagement

Social engagement means engaging your customers on social media. Through social engagement, you can keep track of messages and posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Thus, you can also record that part of the customer journey. We will help you integrate these data from various social media channels into the Dynamics 365 system and thus give you insight into what is going on in the social market place.