Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


 Dynamics 365 for Sales

Smarter sales with the Dynamics 365 Sales App

The Dynamics 365 Sales App supplies everything you need to conclude deals faster and sell more. Thanks to the Dynamics 365 Sales App you can boost productivity and keep your order portfolio well filled. Through digital intelligence, you can predict and anticipate customer needs. In this process, the Sales App will help you manage better, personal relationships by automatically advising subsequent steps on the basis of the customer contact. This way, the app also boosts your turnover. We will be happy to demonstrate how we can make the sales process work for you with a minimum of frills and fuss.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Building useful tools for your staff by means of Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps is the Microsoft platform that makes building your own apps simplicity itself. By means of these apps your staff can look up or adjust data from Dynamics 365 more easily. Following a customer visit, for instance, a sales manager can quickly select key topics or activities in the app on his or her tablet computer. But you can also use the app to have a new order signed. Using Microsoft Flow, you can automate follow-up activities independently. Just as with Power BI, it is possible to combine data from various sources through a share data model. Microsoft refers to this as the common data model.

Working less, doing more with Microsoft Flow

Flow makes you more productive. You can automate frequent scenarios independently. In the process, you can bring about a follow-up reaction on the basis of an activity, both in Dynamics 365 and otherwise. One possible way to use Flow is to create tasks, receive notifications and gather data. For instance, in Dynamics 365, it is possible to automatically convert a tweet into a lead. Subsequently, you can easily add this lead to a marketing list for a following marketing campaign. Another example comprises sending a query for approval regarding a tender. Which ‘if X, then Y’ scenarios would you like to automate? We will be happy to help you on your way to becoming more productive by means of Microsoft Flow. Please contact us for further information or a training.