Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Dynamics 365 for Social Engagement

The speed with which we do business and the number of channels we use increase. Both staff and customers have a wide range of options regarding communications. Social media channels are the key components of the customer journey, as customers keep in contact with your organisation and staff through social media. Moreover, customers can communicate with each other through the various platforms. This may affect your organisation. Dynamics 365 for Social Engagement can help you manage these data.

Reacting simply and quickly

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Social Engagement, you can easily keep track of what is being said about your organisation on social media. You will receive an overview of the various social media channels and social media activities on your personal dashboard. As a result, you can immediately respond to a question,  complaint or remark. Also, you can monitor issues and, when necessary, effectively solve them. Another advantage is that sales staff can collect data and new leads more easily. Social Engagement also makes it possible to measure and manage your brand reputation. Would you like to understand your customer’s tone of voice better, to subsequently align your content to it? In that case, you can make use of the social insights that Social Engagement brings with it. For if you really use the power of social media, you will not only receive likes and shares, but also realise measurable operating results.

Social Engagement and Marketing

To monitor reactions on social media in your marketing solution, you can connect Microsoft Social Engagement to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. By means of an integrated solution you can place Social Engagement widgets on your homepage and side window. This will give you a general overview. You can also place the widgets on your business or campaign management pages to manage reactions from social media to specific marketing initiatives.