Pixelzebra team - wie zijn wij

Who we are


Pixelzebra helps you make your customer relationships transparent and manage them optimally. Pixelzebra’s main objective is to firmly establish and impactfully implement the Microsoft platform ‘Dynamics 365’ in a wide range of organisations. We address this by perfectly aligning Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your business processes. After all, at Pixelzebra, we find it important that the project approach fits in with the type of organisation and the scale of the assignment. We have the technical and business knowledge and experience to realise this. Partly as a result of our long-standing experience, we have managed to develop a number of specific methods and approaches that guarantee successful project completion.

In our user adoption programme, we will involve users in the process right from the start. We demonstrate to them the direct advantages of CRM to their own work and to their customers. Moreover, Pixelzebra gives its clients a handle on progress regarding growth, customer service, customer insights and the implementation of Dynamics 365. In order to do so to the best of our ability, Pixelzebra has built a strong partner network. Rather than being a player that merely helps its clients move forward, we find it important to continue sustained coaching.

Pixelzebra offer its customers a handle…

… On making a leap forward towards growth

… On developing more strength in your customer service

… On assessing your customer insights

… To lean on while implementing CRM

… That can act as a lever to make people and processer more customer-focused!

Pixelzebra - wie zijn wij