Werkwijze Pixelzebra- CRM implementaties

How we work

Pixelzebra understands that every problem requires a fitting approach. That is why we have developed a variety of ways to safeguard the right approach to your specific situation.

Fast Track

Our most commonly used approach to CRM implementations is the Fast Track. As the name suggests, this approach sets out to help companies on their way quickly. Within two to three months, we want Dynamics 365 to be actively and effectively geared to your business objectives. In this approach, we start out with a kick-off during which we make arrangements concerning the responsibilities and milestones within the project. Subsequently, we carry out a business modelling session. On the basis of this session, we can plan the set-up and trainings. Once the design phase is completed, a validation session follows. After processing any remaining issues, the end users receive training and the new system goes live. In the first few weeks after going live, we jointly monitor the use of the system and we ensure that little bumps and questions are dealt with quickly. This guarantees that everyone within an organisation will actually start using the system.

Agile Scrum

Large or challenging projects require a different approach. At the start of a project, many organisations find it hard to work out all the requirements in detail. Thanks to our Scrum approach, we can deliver a new version every other week. We will jointly set the priorities and decide on possible improvements. This approach is suitable for organisations that need just that little bit more than an ‘ordinary’ project. This approach pivots on ‘being in control together’. We make sure to think along with you throughout an implementation and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Especially during large-scale implementations, we are particularly alert to the small details. Agile SCRUM and our KanBan board are central to this approach.


Would you prefer to get started right away, without any large investments? In that case, Pixelzebra offers you a one-day implementation. Over the past years, we have noticed that there is a need for small-scale, simple CRM implementations. No frills or standard functionalities, but the care you are used to receiving from Pixelzebra. CRM2day offers a standard CRM environment in which you can experience to the full what added value CRM has for your organisation. CRM2Day is mainly targeted at organisations with a limited number of users and at organisations that have less need for a specific set-up.

Werkwijze Pixelzebra

Obviously, you want the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to run as smoothly as possible. That is why we pay ample attention to adoption and support.


At Pixelzebra, we believe that the people behind the software are more important than the software itself. That is why we design Dynamics 365 in such a way that everyone will feel comfortable with it and has the experience that the system works for them rather than the other way round. We always recommend starting with the processes that quickly yield a gain in daily use. That way, you will directly feel that the system is working for you.


Any system’s success is determined by its use. Obviously, you may occasionally have questions about the use. That is why Pixelzebra offers you a support department where you and your staff can raise user and technical questions. Click here if you have a question for us?