Live in 5

Live in 5

Pixelzebra Solutions’ Live in 5 approach makes it possible to start using Microsoft Dynamics  365 Business Central within a short timeframe. As the name suggests, we aim to get companies going as soon as possible, so that they can realise their targets. Our aim is to ensure that five staff members will go live in five weeks’ time for the fee of 5000 euros. Following these five weeks we will continue to provide support for 500 euros a month. The advantage of this approach is that your organisation will not have to close an expensive license agreement beforehand, but only pays a fixed monthly fee. With our pay-per-use-model, you can start using the product/ solution right from the start of the project, so that you can directly experience its advantages.

Live in 5

The Live in 5 approach comprises four phases:

Phase 1: inventory

In this phase, we will have a look at your standard processes and decide with you how to set up the system. This phase will also include transfer of customer and supplier details. We will need these details to set up the system.

Phase 2: setting up the system

As soon as the inventory phase has been completed, we will withdraw and, in the background, prepare the system for going live. In this phase, contact is minimal, unless we find that we need further details.

Phase 3: concise training

In the week prior to going live, we will survey the systems we have set up. In the process, we will give the users targeted trainings and guide them through the tasks they will be performing in the system.

Phase 4: going live with our help

Since the real learning curve only starts once the system is actually being used, we will encourage the users to start working with the system as soon as possible. We will ensure optimal support, so that the operational processes are not at any risk. Subsequently we gradually phase out the project.

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