Fan engagement voor media, sport en cultuur

Media, sports and culture

Fan engagement for media, sports and culture

Passion involves engagement, and engagement ensures loyal fans. This applies to all manner of fans. It applies to lovers of classical concerts and to Premier League soccer fans alike. Pixelzebra’s solution for fan engagement is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This enables the marketing and service tools to ensure that all contacts, ranging from marketing e-mails, online and offline channels, are positive and constructive.

Fan journey and activation

Making contact with fans tends to be important for short-term marketing activities, but fan engagement is all about the long term. Through optimising the ‘fan journey’ and enhancing the experience, you do not just sell a one-off ticket – you create a ‘life-long fan’.

Pixelzebra helps set up and extend customer journeys using Dynamics 365 together with our fan engagement marketing platform. Successful fan strategies enhance the ‘fan value’ as well as your long-term turnover.


Building up interest is important in the media sector. It yields an integrated picture of fans’ online and social media activities. To this end, a profile can be used for sales, advertising and partnership marketing. This will enhance commitment and contribute to your organisation’s database marketing.


We all know that the fans will turn up as soon as the team performs well. But whether you win or lose, every contact moment should be positive and add to engagement. It is feasible to offer all parties a wonderful experience, no matter the outcome. All services and communications must contribute to this experience. That is why it is important to combine channels such as ticket sales, websites and social media in order to create a single, uniform customer journey.


A lot has changed where culture is concerned. People used to buy season tickets for a museum of orchestra and went twice a month. Now, it is totally different. New generations of fans do not commit themselves that way. In today’s society, they have far more options. That is why developing and activating target groups is important in order to be competitive. Pixelzebra helps you develop interests and draw up a fan profile, so that your communications will be relevant and impactful.


Fan engagement voor media, sport en cultuur