Pixelzebra Dynamics 365 voor een op maat gemaakt CRM systeem


Microsoft Dynamics 365


Personalise your salesperson’s journey, create and maintain leads, align sales and marketing, improve decision-making and innovate, using a modern and adaptable software platform.
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Use the built-in intelligences to make your sales smarter, create more engagement, enhance productivity, innovate and accelerate sales performance.
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Business Central

Boost unified commerce, effectively manage your merchandising, optimise business processes on the basis of insights and innovate, using a modern, adaptable platform.
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Customer Service

Communicate with your clients on any channel or device, provide fast service and support, learn from every interaction and innovate, using a modern, adaptable sales platform.
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Project Service Automation

Confidently manage projects, optimise your resources, predict project profitability, enhance productivity and innovate, using a modern, adaptable platform.
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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Who we are

Pixelzebra is a fast-growing Microsoft Partner that feels very strongly about being professional, progressive and ambitious. Together with an enthusiastic team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, business consultants and partners, we aim for 100% successful CRM implementations and sustainable client relationships. We deliver technology and consultancy services both in and outside the Netherlands and we make sure that everything regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits in perfectly with our clients and their products/services. Since the ultimate success of CRM is dependent on how staff use it, we devote a lot of time and attention to coaching. We simply continue to provide our support until everybody is at ease in the CRM environment.

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Pixelzebra wie zijn wij CRM systeem
  • Betere binding met bezoekers

  • Inzicht in verschillende salestrajecten

  • Meer inzicht in alle openstaande supportaanvragen

Logo het Residentie Orkest

Betere binding met bezoekers

The Residentie Orkest The Hague orchestra set out to increase and maintain its contacts with its changing target group. Also, Residentie Orkest aimed to gain more insight into visitor profiles and increase customer value. Pixelzebra helped realise these aims by implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement as a central client profile platform, converging insights into visitor profiles and business relationships. To this end, Pizelzebra made use of…

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Logo Niacet

Inzicht in verschillende salestrajecten

Niacet wanted to gain a better insight into long-term and complex sales processes. That is why Pixelzebra replaced the outdated Sage ACT! CRM application with Dynamics CRM. This resulted in an environment that gives Niacet insight into the various sales processes. Thanks to applying smart calculations…

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Logo WorkstreamPeople

Meer inzicht in alle openstaande supportaanvragen

Workstreampeople is a Microsoft Partner that supplies companies across the world with contact centres that are fully integrated with Skype for Business. They are using a partner network to market and sell this software.

For this client, we have first tackled the sales process, quoting and invoicing in Dynamics 365. We have used…

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Our clients

Pixelzebra works on the basis of customer insights and business targets to ensure that your entire staff will actually use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Only then will the solution contribute immediately and positively to your organisation and its day-to-day operations. We make the difference by involving every user in the project from scratch. Thus, we create a basis for efficient use of the system, and the awareness that it is important to share information and work together. Moreover, we will go on coaching as long as needed for everyone in the organisation to make the best possible use of the platform once it has been implemented. This contributes to the effectiveness of any organisation. Pixelzebra firmly believes that an organisation and/or team has much to offer if you pull out all the stops.

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